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Didn’t They - Taylor sings to God in this heartfelt, emotional tribute to the victims of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks.  An unforgettable masterpiece told from different perspectives on that day which will give you chills and leave you in tears the first few times that you listen to it.  Perhaps the best lyrics she has ever written.image

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The boys of Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu lip singing “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift.

Basically if this doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.

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 Anonymous asked:
BUT something I couldn't help but notice was that remember when "Don't" and Ed specifically wanted it to be known that it wasn't about Taylor because he didn't want her getting flak from the media, I can't help but notice Taylor did the same thing for Harry with 'Bad Blood', like she really wanted it to be known that it's not about him so that people don't think she hates him or that he betrayed her. Whether Taylor did it for her benefit or Harry's or both it's kind of cute.


That’s a good connection! I hadn’t even thought of that. Ed and Taylor are two peas in a pod.


aconed: Strolling…


aconed: Strolling…

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let’s talk about that time when harry and taylor were happily walking in NY with cute baby lux, lou and tom yeah let’s go back to that

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Can we all stop pretending that we don’t want Taylor Swift to write a song about Harry? We all secretly wanna know what happened in the relationship and what kind of boyfriend Harry is.

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Do you write fic?

No, I don’t. Sorry!

But Cait (thrownswiftly) is an EXCELLENT writer :)

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I wouldn't say that they're relationship was boring though? I feel like the Taylor we have now wouldn't have been possible without Harry. I mean in time Taylor would be the way she is now but I feel Harry made it happen sooner I feel like he brought out her "sexy" side. (Even thought she doesn't view her self like that)

Oh! I’m sorry, I wasn’t saying that they were a boring couple haha. I was just saying that sometimes having too much in common isn’t always a good thing.

But I imagine, after guys that messed with her head and insulted her music, Harry was probably sweet relief to her haha

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 ts1989hs asked:
I don't know why people think Joe, And Taylor are gay? Adam Levine said multiple times that Jake wasn't gay and the rumours were ridiculous. Harry's only gay in some directioners minds. It's been denied millions of times. John Mayer slept about a bit with women so definitely not gay. Why would Conor need a beard???? It's ridiculous.

We saw how heartbroken Taylor was during her breakup with jake. There are photos everywhere. She cries while singing all too well. She can’t fake emotions and her songs are too real to be lies.


Jake definitely isn’t gay. Like you said, Adam is his best friend and completely turned down those rumors. And before Taylor, Jake dated Reese Witherspoon for like 4 years and proposed to her. Supporting gay rights (he’s a big supporter, plus brokeback mt) doesn’t mean that you are gay.

Joe Jonas? He does come from a very Christian family so if he is gay, he could be hiding it for fear of rejection from his family, but again, there’s no proof whatsoever and he’s dated SEVERAL women over the years. If he is gay, I highly doubt anyone knows about it.

John Mayer? He’s one of the biggest womanizers in Hollywood. He’s gone on record with EXPLICIT details of his intimate relations with several different women, far before taylor ever came along. (Plus I’m still not convinced they ever actually dated for real)

The rest of her exs (Conor, TayLaut, and Harry) haven’t ever gotten gay rumors from the media. Tay and Harry have from fans, but the actual media (excluding blind gossip of course) has never speculated about them, as far as I know.

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